Accounting & Technology- Past, Present & Future

Argus Global CEO, Sachin Gandhi presented his views on “Accounting & Technology- Past, Present & Future'”. This was presented in the Accounting & Finance Show, 2018 attracted  2,788 visitors and they get the opportunity to discover how digital innovation is transforming accounting and finance in Singapore and beyond.

He spoke in greater detail on the evolution of Accounting space via technological advancements,  Impact on Accounting as a profession due to technological advancements and future evolvement of accounting and related technology.

Some of his viewpoint:

Some of his comments were about how technology is rapidly changing, A future view beyond 2 years seems impossible. Technology is positively influencing all aspects of life. Finance and accounting have seen phenomenal growth as a profession due to technological advancements.

Artificial Intelligence will impact the industry. As systems’ decision-making abilities improve, it’s interesting to think about a computer’s potential role in evaluating financial and accounting records where “judgment” calls are made. Probably slightly beyond AI, private blockchain technology holds great promise in the accounting profession. A record that is self-auditing and immutable can mean huge changes for not just how much time and effort it takes to verify company financials but drastic reductions to the difficulty and complexity of audits.

How Argus Global is embracing technologies

Argus Global is simplifying the complex world of compliance as it brings regulatory compliance services and technology together to service its clients in an efficient manner. Our team of dedicated professionals responds to a wide range of compliance matters across with our portfolio of clients and we integrate leading KYC / AML products to deliver the only end-to-end digital client onboarding application.

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